BUG: Multiple Spotlight on Cloud Recording

Hi Kaila,

Reading your post, at first I got scared like “did it happen to me as well and I haven’t noticed it, is there someone in the recordings who shouldn´t be there in the screen?”

Then, I remembered that yesterday evening I forgot to replace the spotlight with the second panelist (don´t mind the word, it wasn’t webinar, just regular meeting).
So, while she was speaking the first panelist/speaker was on the screen.
It wasn’t much of a deal since the one in the screen was nodding and smiling while the other´s speaking, so the scene turned out to be nice, after all :slight_smile:

I’m writing about this, because I, once more, can definitely confirm that it’s not a general issue.
That been said, maybe Zoom´s launching their updates region by region and the bug you´ve faced might be on its way towards us all :fearful:

~ Fatih

As mentioned Web client with Custom Live stream does not change to gallery or spotlight views only speaker, needs to be fixed and give control. This is a major problem with usability

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This worked!!! I can’t believe how much work it took to figure this out, though. :disappointed_relieved: It would be great if Zoom could add this within the next year.

Hi. Good to hear. This is a developer forum issue with the API so not the solution for API live streaming. Best.