Disable Pop-up Dialog "Unmute Myself" When Spotlighting

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
We use Zoom conferencing for videoconferences in sign language, thus we use Spotlight feature quite a lot, so that every participants could see clearly the person who is signing to the camera. And because we use sign language all the time, all participants are muted and there is no reason to unmute them when putting them on spotlight. Because of the settings now, every time dialog box “Unmute Myself” appears when spotlighting participants and it is quite disturbing.

Describe the solution you’d like
Add another check/uncheck option in the conference in bottom right of the screen, for example “Disable unmute when spotlighting”.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
We´ve tried to uncheck the option “Allow participants to unmute themselves”, but it doesn´t help. The only option to not have the dialog box is to unmute all participants and have their mics on, but that is quite disturbing to for participants who actually can hear.

We understand, that since COVID-19 outbreak you probably have a big amount work, so we appreciate all the efforts to support videoconferencing services. Thanks a lot!


Hi @tomeknawrat, thanks for your post and for using Zoom!

I’ll add this as a Feature Request and will work with our product team to get this into our roadmap.

Please do also provide any feedback or feature requests at https://zoom.us/feed :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same use case as @tomeknawrat. It’s quite distracting and breaks the conversation, specially if you are the “key speaker” or signer in this case, and every time the spotlight comes back to you, you need to dismiss it.

Is there any way I could vote on or increase the odds of this feature making it into the product?

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I’ve added your feedback @tiagosilva, thanks for posting & using Zoom!

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We’ll echo these concerns. We are hosting dance parties with adults with cognitive disabilities, and we’re using Spotlight to showcase different dancers. Because of the pop-up screen, many of our users are getting confused or distracted, disrupting their limited spotlight time. Others have caregivers who set up their zoom at the beginning of the call, but they don’t necessarily have the ability to navigate pop-ups on their own without support. We would be hugely grateful if we could disable this feature in settings, allow video spotlights without triggering a pop-up offering unmuting. Thank you!

Agreed, we are having issues delivering online musical shows to schools where these pop-ups are distracting the musicians who are being spotlighted whilst they are playing. This would be a fantastic feature, please integrate it.

I’d like to +1 this request. We have a very similar use case, and the pop-up is very disruptive. Thanks!

If I can, I’d like to +50 this request, as I know this impacts 50+ or more of my friends using zoom in a weekly basis. Thanks!

Please implement this as soon as possible its causing out meetings a lot of dysfunction.