Bug with PreMeetingService.ListAllMeeting() API call

I tried using the PreMeetingService.ListAllMeeting() api call to obtain the list of all the meetings that the logged-in user currently has. However, the callback only lists the meeting-ids of the meetings that the logged-in user has created, but does not list the meeting-ids that the user is invited to.

This happens even after I explicitly authorize my zoom-account to edit and access my google-calendar. However, the zoom-app that I have installed locally lists both the meetings that I created as well as the meeting I’m invited to.

Which version?
Using the latest zoom-sdk version from github: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-android

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Initialize the zoomSDKInstance
  2. Log-in to zoomSDK:
  3. call the API to list all meetings: ZoomSDK.getInstance().getPreMeetingService.ListMeeting()
  4. In the PreMeetingService.Listener callback: the meeting Ids listed are only the meeting ids that the logged-in user created. It does not include the meeting-ids that the user has been invited to.

However, if I log-into a zoom-app I am able to view the meetings that I am invited to along with the meetings that I created.

Is the API supposed to work this way? Or is this a bug?
Any pointers would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi Murali,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK and thank you very much for bringing this up. We have identified the issue you have mentioned and we will investigate this issue. I will get back to you with more information.


Hi murali,

Thanks for the post again. I have double checked with the engineer regarding this issue. Yes, we will only show the meetings that are created by Zoom. The Zoom Client has all events since it asked for your permission to access you Google calendar, but it does not grant the permission to our SDK to access your Google calendar as well. If you would like to access the meetings in your Google calendar, you may use the Google Calendar API:https://developers.google.com/calendar/


Thank you Carson for the update.

I have started using the listMeeting() method and noticed the same issue, 3rd party calendar integration meeting items are not in the list.

I wanted to provide our feedback about this. The user has already set up a calendar integration on their Zoom account via the Zoom website. It would be poor user experience to ask them to do this again in a Zoom SDK enabled app. The desktop Zoom app does not require the user set up integrations again after they’ve already been configured on the Zoom website and the same should be true of the SDK. MeetingItem could be enhanced with additional methods such as:


Or if we must use 3rd party calendar APIs (Google Calendar API for example), there needs to be a way to query the Zoom SDK to get access to what integrations have already been set up by the user. And the SDK should also provide access tokens to access those services for a seamless integration. Again, your Zoom account already has the integration configured. Doing this in each app is a poor user experience, in our opinion.

Hi @vuzix_greg,

Thansk for the reply. Currently the pre-meeting services do not support 3rd party calendar integration. Thanks for the feedback. I have forwarded this to the engineering team for consideration.