List meeting API does not populate the meeting

I am working on the list of the created meetings by using Zoom API. When I test the Zoom API at API reference page, the API doesn’t return any meeting information.

Please, can you advise?
Thank you

“meetings”: ,
“page_count”: 0,
“page_number”: 1,
“page_size”: 30,
“total_records”: 0

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I am using OAuth.

Which Endpoint/s?

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Hey @halilkalkavan, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

What are the query params you are passing in? Please share the full request url.

Also, due note that the type query param is set to live by default. Are you trying to get a live meeting, or an upcoming meeting?


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Hi @tommy,

I left the default query params my previous attempts but, somehow the query had some parameters. I suspect that was from other queries (create a meeting, delete a meeting).

I just deleted the parameters and it is working fine now.

Thank you for your help


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Hey @halilkalkavan, glad to hear it is working now! :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you have any other questions!


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Hi, I’m having this issue too. I signed into my account on Zoom, started a meeting, (no other participants) and ran the API call from the docs and I’m getting 0 meetings as well. It’s set to live.


  • contact:read:admin
  • dashboard_meetings:read:admin
  • dashboard_webinars:read:admin
  • dashboard_zr:read:admin
  • h323:read:admin
  • h323:write:admin
  • meeting:master
  • meeting:read:admin
  • meeting:write:admin
  • phone:read:admin
  • phone:write:admin
  • user:master user:read:admin
  • user:write:admin
  • webinar:write:admin

Hey @thinkdigitalsoftware,

Please have another participant join. If only the host is in the meeting, it will not count as a live meeting and not be returned in that list.


Hi. How can I get all upcoming meetings detail using api?

Hey @atif,

You would have to get them per each users using the Get User Meetings Endpoint.

Or, you could implement a solution on your end using our Meeting Created Webhook.


Thank you for your response. Where can I get user id? I didn’t find it Admin > User Management > Users

Hey @atif,

You can get User IDs from the Get Users endpoint.


Thank you for your response. I have successfully implemented api. Just one more question, how can I send invitation with google calendar using api to my clients?

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Hey @atif,

Currently Zoom API does not support calendar invitation. That being said, you could use a 3rd party API service like the Google Calendar API.