Building a Zoom Webinar Integration w/ Zapier

I’m working with my web team to set-up an integration between Zoom Webinar and Salesforce/Nimble AMS platform, using Napier.

The integration is set-up so that we’re connecting our event registration in Nimble with Zoom webinar so that Nimble passes registration information to Zoom. When we configured Zapier to identify what information to send to Zoom, we weren’t able to select a Last Name field, only a First Name field.

Here’s a screenshot:

Our current work around is to include both the First and Last Name values in the First Name field but, ideally we’d like to have them separated so that (1) we can filter data by last name more easily and (2) it’s more aligned with how we capture and display data in Nimble.

Any thoughts?

Hi @maureen.joudrey,

Thank you for reaching out about this and using Zoom! I am unfamiliar with this integration, but happy to help. Can you please tell me the outcome of Zapier’s Zoom-specific support regarding this issue?

Thank you,

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