Does the zapier 'Create Webinar Registrant in Zoom' integration return the join_url?

We’re thinking of switching webinar providers and I’m looking into Zoom as a possibility. We need to handle the registration on our website and add participants to a webinar via the API or another method. We need to provide the newly registered user with a link to join the webinar later right away, and not just rely on an email being sent.

So here’s what I found, the Zapier integration seems the least dev work:

Our website posts to a zapier webhook endpoint which calls the ‘Create Webinar Registrant in Zoom’, which looks good, after a successful registration we can then add a new webhook-step to post this back to our website where we’ll pick it up and give the user the join_url there and then on the same webpage.

Problem is, I don’t see the join_url as one of the fields available to me from the register step. I get everything else - first name, second name, address etc, but not the join_url…

I don’t yet have a pro account (until we know it does what we want!), and so can’t test this properly - at the moment this is just what zapier shows me would be available, so my question is, is join_url available from the zap call? (I assume the zap calls POST /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants in the API? In which case it should be there, right?)

The docs on the Zoom website don’t talk about the payload/response from registration that I can find.

Hey @Ralpharama,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

I did a quick test just now to confirm, and can verify that the join_url field is returned as one of the available fields when setting up a Zap on Zapier through the Zoom/Zapier integration. Here are a few of the fields you’ll have access to, including the join url:

You’re likely not seeing this if you don’t have a paid Zoom plan.

Let me know if this helps!


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Thanks Will, that’s perfect! I’ll get a pro account sorted out!

Awesome, glad I could help @Ralpharama.


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