CALayer causing deadlock in ZoomSDKNormalVideoElement

On macOS 10.13 and below NSOpenGLViews deadlock when they have a layer attached to them.
You can see other people have reported this generic error here

ZoomSDKNormalVideoElement makes use of the NSOpenGLView and thus deadlocks when you turn on layers. You can reproduce this in the demo if you add a CALayer to the parent view that are renders the video stream.

One solution is to migrate to metal or give developers better hooks into the rendering layer.

Which version?
Xcode 10.3

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. In the macos sample demo turn on a CALayer on the parent view that renders ZoomSDKNormalVideoElement. Do this by doing view.wantsLayer = YES;
  2. Join a call with multiple clients so that you are rendering multiple steams.
  3. It should deadlock within 5seconds.
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Hi @timazed,

Thanks for the post. We are able to identify an issue with your post and we will fix it in the next releases.


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