Call History (Call Path) API Not Working - Call Log Does Not Exist

Through call recording completed webhooks, I get data on call records, including call log ID.

I want to get the call path using this:

GET /phone/call_history/{callLogId}

I have tried with call ID or call log ID, call queue calls and non-call queue calls. Every time I get:
{“code”:404,“message”:“Call Log does not exist: yirJUrWSRLSDr2Z_aPII2A”}

As an example:
call_id = ‘7361866866473764345’
call_log_id = ‘44f54a03-24a7-4922-9c90-afec6bdb3cbd’

x-zm-trackingid: WEB_b35c8013e513d506d7ec28a3d1b9260d

I confirmed I have phone:read:call_log:admin within my granular scopes.

My issue seems similar to the topic below, but there is no resolution included and it is marked as closed.

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Hi @joeyharrington ,

Are you looking for the root call log? Is it pertaining to behavior described here?

Hi @gianni.zoom, yes it is similar. I don’t see resolution on that forum post either, is that correct?

@joeyharrington , in that thread you’ll see I initiated a feature request to the platform product manager to get the root call id.

The problem is the 404 is had on both the UUID and the numerical ID @gianni.zoom . I too have the same problem.

curl -X GET "" -H "Authorization: bearer $TOKEN"
{"code":404,"message":"Call Log does not exist: ZNsKBjCGRF6K5BnpOy84yg"}

Using the endpoint as intended also does not work

Hi @preston.baxter this sounds like a bug, can you please submit a support ticket for a bug?