Get call path returning code 404 "Call log does not exist: "

I’m trying to get call path information for a call log.

When calling…{callLogId} with a valid call log id that I get from I get the following error.

“code”: 404,
“message”: "Call Log does not exist: "

Hi @FredGassmann
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Are you still experiencing this issue? or were you able to troubleshoot this on your end?

Hi @elisa.zoom - Thanks for the reply.

No, it’s still responding with code 404 Call log does not exist: UJbj_wyNSmypg_ioJJg-Ig

I’m confident the call log does exist as I’m getting it’s id by calling

(I wasn’t able to post more than two links because I’m a new user)>v2->phone->call_logs?from=2023-12-6&to=2023-12-19

Then I grab the id and am able to successfully use it to get the specific call log detail with this call

However, when I try to get the path with this call I get the 404.

I’m wondering if there’s a configuration issue with our zoom account that would be causing this.

Hi @FredGassmann
Thanks for sharing more details with me.
Are you trying to call this endpoint?
Get accounts call history

If so, I do not think you can pass the call log id in the request url, it does not seem like this endpoint takes a call_log_id as a query param

That one works fine using query string params. I’m trying to get the call path with this endpoint.

I see @FredGassmann
I will send you a private message to get more data about this issue.

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