Call out not working


I started an instant meeting and then tried to have call out but it is not working.

I started an instant meeting as mentioned here . it is working fine.

Then I tried to have a call out like mentioned here but the method meetingService.dialOutUser(number, null, true); is returning false. Documentation mentioned that

Some accounts support Dial-Out feature.

could you please tell me which accounts are some account. Is this problem occuring because my account does not support dial out feature?

Thanks in advance.

Hi schaulagain,

Thanks for the post. You may use the following method to check whether your account is able to use dial-out feature:

Please ensure you are passing the correct number in the correct format(, in the Zoom client, we offer the country code option, but if you are using this method directly, please also include the country code.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks @Carson_Chen for the information.

I use the method meetingService.isDialoutSupported(); to check whether the dialout is supported or not. This method returns false.

Could you please tell me the conditions needed for dailout support?

Hi schaulagain,

Thanks for the reply. You can firstly try to double-check the following settings on your zoom web portal(, navigate to “Settings -> Meeting -> Schedule Meeting -> Audio Type”, and make sure you check the first or the second option in order to use the dial-out feature.

If you have the correct setting and still not able to use the dial-out feature, you may contact our sales engineer at to enable this feature for you.

Hope this helps! Thanks!