Android SDK Direct Phone Calling

Is it possible to directly call another user using a phone number using the Zoom Android SDK?

Which Android Meeting SDK version?
Any available version

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  • Device: Any
  • OS: Any

Additional context
I have been searching through the documentation for the current SDK in addition to older versions, and I have not found a clear answer. I have attempted to use MeetingService.dialOutUser() without success. Are there undocumented conditions for this function to work or have I simply misunderstood the purpose of it? Clarification on this functionality would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @noah1, thanks for using the dev forum.

Whether or not you can call a user depends on your use case. The dialOutUser method is meant to allow calling a user to allow them to join an existing meeting by phone.

If you are looking to implement a feature similar to the Zoom chat client or phone, these are outside of the scope of what the Meeting SDK is responsible for. The Meeting SDK is primarily focused around in-meeting functionality.


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