Create Start Instant Meeting Nothing Happend

I follow this link (Zoom Android SDK) to implement start instant meetings, then run but nothing happend, only show this in Run status android studio:

I/MeetingServiceImpl: startMeeting: sUri=zoomus://
I/Timeline: Timeline: Activity_launch_request time:16811322 intent:Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW cat=[android.intent.category.BROWSABLE] dat=zoomus:// flg=0x10000000 cmp=com.derucode.zoomexample/com.zipow.videobox.JoinByURLActivity }

Which version?
Version: 4.3.47200.0322


Hi shezars

Please confirm if you are using a custom UI?


Is it possible to reproduce every time?

Can you provide more logs?

how to enable log:
1 ZoomSDK.initialize(Context context, String appKey, String appSecret, String domain, ZoomSDKInitializeListener listener, boolean enableLog)
enableLog : true

2 the SDK log path :/sdcard/Android/data/packageName/logs/

I solve it, thanks anyway, my mistakes not implement the third step (3. Login User), is it possible i create / start meeting without login user?

thank you

Hi shezars,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Glad to hear the problem is resolved. For non-login users, you can join a meeting or start a pre-scheduled meeting(, unfortunately, start an instant meeting feature is not available for non-login users.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Yes thank you for supporting, i see, then can i return the participant id when instant meeting is started? What listener that i used to return the participant id (meeting id) when instant meeting is started, (*because it’s random number right), or can i make meeting id/number permanent like using Personal Meeting ID ?

InMeetingService getCurrentMeetingID will return the current meeting number.