Callbacks not triggering

I’m having trouble getting callbacks to trigger in a console application using the C# wrapper.
I’ve tried the demo app and it works fine. I then created a simple console application and tried the following

but despite the jwt token working in the demo app, no callbacks trigger in the console app, any insight will help, thanks.

The SDK initializes successfully, and all the files are in the “bin” directory as they should be.
The project is also set to release mode and x86

Hi @nirtsabari,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The code snippet you are providing looks good to me besides the authContext should be an AuthContext object. You may refer to the implementation here:

And please make sure you have successfully initialized the SDK before performing the SDK Auth:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks, but the authContext is in-fact an AuthContext object (even copy pasting the code from the demo didn’t change anything)

And the SDK does initialize successfully.

This is the build properties:

Is there anything wrong you can find?

I used the same jwt token in both the demo and the console app, and it worked fine in the demo.

I tried the same code on a new WPF projects and it works fine,
Is there anyway to make it work on the console application?

NVM I fixed it by adding reference to WindowsBase.dll
and adding Dispatcher.Run(); at the end of the program

Hi @nirtsabari,

Thanks for the reply and pardon the late response. Glad to hear that you have resolved this issue. Please feel free to let me know if any other questions.

Thank you!