C# SDK - Auth Service callback isn't invoked


We intend to integrate Zoom in our Windows .Net application. We have been trying to run the C++ and C# demo apps. While the C++ demo app (downloaded from GitHub) runs just fine and behaves as expected, the C# demo app (again downloaded from GitHub with no changes made) runs but the callback for auth service (i.e. onAuthenticationReturn) never gets invoked and therefore we aren’t able to proceed further.

We ensured we are using the correct SDK credentials by using them from the C++ app and have followed all the instructions here:

What needs to be done to be able to run the C# demo app other than set it up as in the link above?



could you to double check your executable file folder to ensure all of the sdk DLLs in your “debug” folder. if yes, please help to check the result of the sdk init api. 





Hi Dats, thanks for your response. Indeed, it was issue with sdk dlls not being present in “Debug” folder. Thanks a lot for your help.