Calling GET Meetings on behalf of another user

I can not list meetings for my schedulers. Account-level Oauth App.

First I call users/me/schedulers to find out who I can schedule for.

Then, I call users/’ . $id . '/meetings where $id is the scheduler as returned in the first call.

Instead of getting a list of their meetings, I get {“code”:200,“message”:“No permission.”}.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Get meetings.

This started working as soon as I was granted admin-level access to the account. Weird.

I feel like this is a bug. If a USER-A is given scheduling privileges to USER-B, and USER-A is using my app. They should be able to pull meetings for USER-A and USER-B without needing to be an account-level admin, right?

I completely agree! I posted my own topic about this a little bit before you: List Meetings API: Get meetings from another user that user is Assistant/Scheduler for

This is a pretty critical thing that is missing from the API, I think.

So glad other’s experience this frustration too. Though, sorry @tommy & crew for opening a double-post. Didn’t see @samly’s post earlier…

I’d like to clarify – our app is an account-level app, and even then we can’t access our “schedulers’” meetings. The OAuth’d user has to be a Zoom Account Admin… totally weird!

Hey @samly, @ankurk,

Thanks for sharing this, we will investigate and get back to you. :slight_smile: (ZOOM-158016)


Hey @ankurk ,

We are working on a release to allow this.

Stay updated here: