Are scheduling privileges no longer required?

We have noticed that users that do not have scheduling privileges are allowed to schedule meetings through our API. I tested this myself by removing scheduling privileges, and I was able to schedule a meeting without receiving an error. Is this a new change? It would save a lot of steps for a lot of people if that is the case. Support sent me here to pose the question.

We have OAuth, and do not use webhooks. This a POST function, and the status is 201 when it is completed. Any insight is appreciated.

Hi, @kimberlym.smith,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. First, could you please provide more details on how users can schedule meetings using your API? Are these users within your account? Additionally, please specify which access token is being used to make the request. As long as the access token used in the request is valid and has the appropriate scope, it is possible to schedule a meeting. Scheduling privileges is typically used when you want to delegate someone to schedule meetings on your behalf.

Please let me know if this helps or if you have more questions.

Hi @donte.zoom ,

For our normal operations, we have a subset of users on our zoom account scheduling for other users on our zoom account. We use the OAuth token. I noticed recently that another user on the program that we have connected to the API was able to schedule for someone on our zoom account; that user does not have a zoom account with us.

In the past, we would receive an error message when attempting to schedule for others if they were not on our zoom account and given scheduling privileges.

We are having issues trying to get an answer on whether scheduling privileges are required anymore to schedule for others, or if this was just an anomaly. It makes a difference when we are attempting to fix or test issues in our program that is linked to our zoom API, and our documented procedures for that testing.

Thank you,