Can a default client (mobile, desktop, web) be the recipient of Raw Data stream of the Meeting SDK?

I would like to use the latest SDK to create a custom client that can broadcast RAW audio/video streams and allow default Zoom clients to join that meeting. Is that possible?

My investigation so far suggests that the a Raw Stream client must be custom-built to call “StartRawLiveStream” and “Subscribe” to the raw data callbacks.

@gregor Yes, currently RAW Data is available with Windows and macOS only.

I know it is available for custom built clients… the question is how do default Zoom clients to join a meeting where RAW data is being streamed? According to the docs the SDK client needs to initiate/accept RAW data… how does the default web/desktop/mobile client do that?

Yes, it is possible. You are using Third Party Live Streaming or Custom Streaming Service?

The RAW stream would be from a custom Meeting SDK App.

According to this page:
The client must send “RequestRawLiveStream” to initiate the stream.

I am wondering how the default client (Web/Desktop/Mobile) can do this.

In the docs, it is mentioned regarding the confirmation/acknowledgement popup will be displayed to meeting participants.

The permission is regarding user privileges in meetings. If the User is not a host then the bot first gets permission to start raw streaming from the host. You can use your bot as a co-host or get host user zak and join the meeting then the bot will have already privileges. If still some thing is not working please share it here. Thanks

Thank you for the help, but I still don’t think you are answering my question.
I am familiar with the popups and permission… that is not the question.

Can you explain using the terms in the sequence diagram on this page?
(I don’t know what you mean by “User” and “bot” as these are not terms in this diagram.
According to the “Raw streaming flow” sequence diagram on that page, the “App” must call “StartRawLiveStream” and “Subscribe”. That explains how a custom app can receive a Raw Stream.

My question is how the main Zoom application (not a custom App) can call these API and Subscribe to a Raw stream. It is clear how a custom app can do this, but how can the main Zoom desktop app or Web app or Mobile app do this? Will they do this automatically?

@gregor, you can only receive the raw audio and video by building a bot that joins a Zoom meeting. You can either use the Zoom Raw Data SDK to build the bot, or use

You can’t get the raw audio and video using a default Zoom client.