RoadMap for access to Audio and Video raw content in meetng

I would like to create a meeting bots that can access to audio/video stream in a meeting of all participants in the meetings, in this cases I found this article, but it’s no clear to me how make this for these reason.

  1. How Can I create a meeting bot in the zoom app?
  2. How is the meeting bot integrated when the app has been download?

Connect an API to the video and audio stream to analyze

@jsarmiento, happy to share how to create a meeting bot.

If you’re using the Zoom Raw Data SDK, these are the steps:

  1. Spin up a server. We recommend AWS, GCP, or Digital Ocean.
  2. Use either the Windows or Mac Zoom SDK to launch an instance of the Zoom client.
  3. Once you have the Zoom SDK launched, and use the Raw Data functionality to extract the video and audio streams.
  4. This will return the video in I420 raw frames and audio in PCM 16LE raw format, so you’ll need to encode the audio and video yourself afterwards.
  5. Once you have one instance of this working, you’ll need to scale this across several servers if you want to run multiple bots simultaneously, which is required to have bots for multiple meetings.

Finally, another option is It’s a simple 3rd party API that lets you use meeting bots to get raw audio/video from meetings without you needing to spend months to build, scale and maintain these bots.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Thanks a lots Amanda,

I found this documentation about Zoom Raw Data Sdk Raw Data, in this context refers to the use in the mobile application (interesting idea idea), but actually we are focus in desktop application (windows/macos)

Is there a method to access to audio/video data using zoom Apps /(windows/macos)meeting sdk?

Hi @amanda-recallai,

Were you able to figure out how to also send audio back to a meeting? Does recall ai support this?

@jsarmiento, the method I’m describing is with the Windows/Mac meeting SDK!

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@chrisewald sending audio back to the meeting is definitely possible and we do support it!


Thanks @amanda-recallai. I just submitted my email address to the early access request on’s homepage. Let’s continue this conversation there. It would be great to set up a meeting to discuss what I am building and looking for and where recall ai could make sense!