can a zoom marketplace app have ads in it?

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I have an app developed on Zoom app marketplace right now.

And I was wondering if I can put ads for certain companies in here. Does this go against any of Zoom’s policy?

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Hi @sean2 ,

This is not available at this time, but we can consider it for a #feature-requests !

@gianni.zoom Thanks for your reply.
But I think you misunderstood. We can develop the ad display ourselves.

But will this go against any of Zoom’s policy if we do this?

Hi @sean2 ,

Thanks for clarifying! I’ll look further into this for an answer for you!

Thank you so much @gianni.zoom

Our team is developing our app at a very high speed right now. So I would really appreciate if could get an answer quickly.


Hi @gianni.zoom
Are there any updates on this?

I’m sorry if I’m rushing you, but this is an urgent issue for us.

Hi @sean2 ,

Zoom Marketplace apps do not support ads at this time.