Intend to publish the app on the marketplace with no real functionality

We want to publish an app on the zoom which will be a non functional app.
The app will just redirect user to the company website when clicked on “Visit site to install” page.
We just want our app with company logo to be present on the zoom app marketplace.
Additional context
We provide the zoom integration on our IAM tool, and features of this tool cannot be integrated with the app we want to publish on the marketplace. Hence we would like to publish non functional app which will redirect to company page where it will provide the information about zoom integration with our tool.

Any pointers on this? We would like to confirm this before we start the app submission process with zoom.

Hey @connectivity,

Currently only OAuth and Chatbot apps can be published on the Zoom App Marketplace.


Hi Tommy,

I understand that currently only OAUTH and Chatbot apps can be published. We want to submit OAUTH app and if user clicks on install it will just take it to company page that’s it. We do not intend to provide any other functionality using that app.
Question is can we do that? We will submit the app as per the process but I think there is internal review of the app by zoom before approving it. Is there any guideline as in what all is checked in the review process? Does the reviewers check the functionality of what app offers?

Hey @connectivity,

Thanks for clarifying. The App reviewers will encourage you to add at least one simple feature, but feel free to get the process rolling.

Here are the App Marketplace Submission Guidelines: