Can I add "tracking_sources" via the api after creating a webinar?

Hi, I am trying to create a recurring webinar, however, the existing “recurring webinar” registration links forces the users to register for all upcoming webinar-instances, maybe I missed something, but I wanted my users to be able to choose 1 webinar-instance to register for, instead of forcing them to register for all of them, and add all of them to their calendars, which could make them reluctant.

So I decided, instead of creating a recurring webinar, I can write a periodic script that runs on a schedule and creates that webinar via the api using a template, say every week, this way, my registration links would work how I want them, but my issue now is that I want to programmatically add a bunch of “tracking_sources” for each of these webinars, and I didn’t want to do them by hand, they could be in the order of hundreds… however i can’t find an option to create those “tracking_sources” via the API just a way to GET them

Could I possibly use the invite_links instead? Keep in mind that I want to be able to post those links online so people can register, but i want these links to be resuseable up-until the time of the webinar (which i can do with ttl) but I don’t want them to expire upon usage.


  1. Can I create a recurring webinar and not force using to register to all of the instances?
  2. If not, can I create tracking_sources programmatically?
  3. if not, are invite_links same as tracking sources, meaning, can 1 link be used multiple times?

Thank you

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Hi @johnluo
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!

You can actually set up your recurring webinars in a way that users can register for specific instances.
When you create your meeting you can pass the “registration_type” field in the settings object and give it the value of 2, this way registrants can register per individual session.

Also, make sure to pass an approval type so the registration is required:

About the second question you ask, we do not have an endpoint to create tracking_sources.

Hope this helps.

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Great! Thank you Elisa!

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