Can I add Zoom Login from my website? I am using


 Hi there!

I am a computer engineer but have never coded after school, that was 18 years ago. 

I have a website that I am creating through, as some of you may know, Wix offers you templates to create the website. 

I would like to have in my website a link for my students to enter my meetings from my website.

Can it be done?



Hi Javier,


You can provide the same link created when you schedule a meeting, the join URL. Is this what you’re after?


Not really, i do not schedule my meetings, most of them are instant meetings, and I was looking for a way so that my students entered my meeting if they neeeded to, since some students are just one day stand, they don’t need or want to download the . zoom app in their apss, but just want to jump in  to the meeting, as fast as they can, so i was thinking to show a text box for their names and a button to log in.

Is that possible?


Thanks for your insight



There is not a way to join a meeting via the web (there is a screen share, however participants still would need to call in via phone


The best experience is through the client app (either desktop or mobile). The best solution for you is to setup a PMI and provide that to the students, as it doesn’t change, and when your meeting is running they will enter that way.


Thank you so much for the info, it will save me tons of time, so that I dont keep investigating.  Appreciate it