Wix Member to Member Zoom Meetings

Is there a way for me to integrate Zoom meetings on a user to user basis?

I am relatively new to coding and am currently working on a jobs board website. I would like for my employers to be able to invite candidates to a Zoom meeting on a user to user (employer to candidate) basis, ie I can’t use Wix bookings as they aren’t booking with the website owner but another user.

I am unable to find any help with coding resources anywhere to create this kind of function but I can’t be the only person who has needed to use this functionality? Is there a way to embed Zoom invitations into the website by redirecting around Wix bookings?

Hey @eringray1988,

This is possible, but you will have to handle the logic on your end.

You can use the Zoom Create Meeting API and Add Meeting Registrant API to register a user for a Zoom meeting, and send them the meeting invite.