Can I build this? App to end the current meeting at given time

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I have an idea for a Zoom app: I’d like to be able to invite an app into my meeting. And when the scheduled end time for the meeting is reached it sends a chat to the meeting saying “Meeting will be ended in one minute! Say your goodbyes!”.

The users would be able to reply with /extend to abort the automatic ending. If nobody extends the meeting, it would end the meeting for everybody.

I suspect this would help keep our meetings from running on-and-on over the start of the next meeting which I’m always late to.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

I don’t really know what’s available in to do, and the docs didn’t really explain how to add a bot to a meeting like this. Is it possible? Are there APIs to be able to end the meeting? What app type(s) would work for this? I’m totally new to the Zoom app ecosystem.

Additional Context

I’m game to try some things but if it’s not even possible in today’s app world, I figure it’s easier to have someone tell me now before I dig in too deep. :slight_smile: Thanks for the help!

Too bad nobody replied yet! My 24 hour hackathon has come to an end; maybe I’ll be able to do this next time.

If someone knows if this is possible or not, I’d still be curios to know! If it’s not possible today, I’d like to ask the missing capabilities be added to the zoom api to make it work :slight_smile:

Hey @dmankin,

Sorry that we didn’t get to this post in time! You actually can end a meeting via API using this endpoint:

Maybe it will be helpful for the future. :slight_smile:


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