Can I hook audio/video stream?

I want to develop some new features. Example: 1) I can get audio stream, and I post it to ASR service go get text, and then I send to NLP service to understand user’s intention. In teacher’s screen I can search more content from website to extend more knowledge. 2) I can get video stream to extract user’s emotion or face. it use to find out who is absent or absent-minded in classroom.



Thanks for interested in using Zoom SDK. Your ideas are really good. Unfortunately, currently our SDK does not provide interfaces to get audio or video stream. Please follow our Github repo and get updates regarding our SDK. I will let you know when we support this feature.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


is there any news about this function? Can we access to the frames from camera in someway?
We’re trying to make an “anti-afk” machine learning model to say if a camera is looking for a “video” like the trolls in internet who put a cellphone with a record and leave it in front the camera (this is for a school project to avoid students left their class). So, to our project have the access to the frames in the camera it’s completely necesary at this point.
Can you help us, please?
Thanks in advance, best regards


Hey @fivargas!
No, we have not changed our priorities to include this feature request.
You might be able to back-process a live-stream and break it apart, but that might be more work than it is worth.


Hi @bdeanindy,
thanks for reply. I’m looking for some help about this, so if you can explain me a little more about this idea to break apart the live-stream it will be great. I’m not sure how to start with it.
I hope you can help, thanks in advance.


Hey @fivargas
That is going to be outside the scope of support for me sir, and since we don’t officially support it, trying to help you with this would be bad form from a business-ownership perspective sir.

I would recommend tabling this until such time as Zoom does support the features you’ve recommended.
In the meantime, follow @carson.zoom instructions and monitor the SDK in case this feature is ever released.


You can record the meeting, then do post analysis afterwards on the mp4 file.

Thanks for sharing the idea. Happy Zooming! :slight_smile: