Does Zoom SDK allows application to access the video & audio stream?

My team is going to develop a native application that employs the Zoom SDK. We want our application has a customized user interface, but still using the Zoom meeting audio and video source. Does the SDK provides the integration of Zoom regular video and audio stream to the endpoint? Does Zoom allow developer to access its audio and video content?

If so which files in the Windows/Mac SDK Reference respectively refer to audio and video stream source integration?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device Spec: PC, Mac
  • OS: Windows 10, MacOS
  • Latest Version

Hi @X-Jason00,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Our native SDKs offer Zoom default UI and Custom UI, and for Custom UI, you have the full control of your meeting UI so you could customize it. Please have a try with the Custom UI mode in our demo apps:

Our SDK currently does not provide raw audio/video data access.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Are you saying that you don’t have any SDK’s that will allow me to redirect audio stream wherever I want? Like for instance, my own custom UI…or my own server to store the audio?

I thought the VideoSDK would allow this?