Can I Host Concurrent Meetings with pro account?

Can I Host Concurrent Meetings with pro account?

Hello @jayanthee365

If any Zoom account has multiple verified and active users, and each of those users has their own (unique) meeting, then yes those unique meetings for each user can run concurrently.

If you mean, can I have one user that hosts multiple, unique meetings concurrently, then NO, this is NOT supported.

We do allow creating n-booked meetings for a single user (either via the Client, Portal, or Zoom REST API), but that single user can ONLY ever be in (as a host or as a participant) ONE single meeting concurrently (so theyā€™ll have to leave one to join another).

Does this answer your question?

Yes, finally figures it out. I have 6 licenced users, you go into ā€˜settingsā€™ scroll down to ā€˜otherā€™ then go to ā€˜schedule privelegeā€™
you then need to get your user to give you privelaging and you can then assign courses that appear in your account and their account, and they are the host. have spent so long trying to find this solution. suggestion to zoom, a lot of folk have been asking about concurrent meetings, it is simple when you know how, but the ā€˜schedule privelegeā€™ is hidden away in the settings and not immediately obvious this is what is needed. phew, good to have it sorted though, great app zoom! Loving it.

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Happy to hear you figured it out @joe1!

For others reference, here is the schedule privilege support doc: