Host Concurrent Meetings

I’m able to host concurrent meetings through my corporate zoom account (Attached a screenshot). But zoom support pages and devforum says that a user can only host one meeting at a time. Can someone explain the difference?
If we can host concurrent meetings, then what is the max number of meetings that can be hosted by one user concurrently?
Is there any zoom api that returns the count or all concurrent meetings given a user, start datetime and end datetime?

I’m using zoom desktop app.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to zoom app
  2. Click on Schedule.
  3. you’ll get a meeting link. open the link in browser.
  4. Do the same steps n times to host multiple meetings

Hey @bsangeetha,

Are you on an enterprise plan? If so, if you have the correct permissions and prerequisites, you can host concurrent meetings.

You can use the List User Meetings API to list all live meetings for a specified user.


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