Can I make language is arabic?

  • Can I make language arabic?

Hi @ahmed.ali,
Thank you for using the Developer Forum. Does your inquiry pertain to Zoom Wide or our Web SDK? For a list of supported languages, please see our language support documentation found here:

Additionally, we support live language interpretation during zoom meetings/webinars. This feature allows the interpreters to provide their own audio channels for the language they are translating to. I’ve linked our language interpretation documentation below:

Also, for the WebSDK, you can set supported languages of the Web UI using i18n. You can even add your own custom language. I’ve linked our Muti-Language and Language Resource support documentation below:

If this does not fit your use case, please feel welcome to submit a feature requests here. To stay up-to-date with any new or upcoming features, check out the changelog and upcoming changes pages. Let me know if this helps.

Always happy to help,

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