Arabic interpretation?

I am looking to set up meetings with simultaneous interpretation English <-> Arabic. But I have noted that Zoom doesn’t support Arabic.

Does that mean that it is really impossible to do?



Hey @nserriere,

Are you using the Web SDK?

Please reach out to for questions unrelated to the Zoom App Marketplace.


Hi Nicos, Simply because it doesn’t explicitly say Arabic doesn’t mean you can’t do Arabic. Just tell your participants that you will be using the German, or whatever channel you want (French, Spanish, etc.) and translate on that channel.

I don’t understand why Zoom doesn’t let you simply write in the name of the language instead of forcing you to chose a language. But it is simply a matter of using any language channel and use it for Arabic instead of the language displayed.

Hope this helps,


Hey @traduciresunarte,

Thanks for your feedback. Feel free to submit this directly to the product team here: