Can I render all user videos?

Hey @Mikron, @hassan2,

Our ISV team is in the process of approving the applications to use the new SDK. :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback about the confirmation email, I will pass this along to our team.

As for your question about the video streams, it only pushes one stream at a time, so user A can see you, and you can see user B. Also the Fully Customizable SDK cannot be accessed via the Zoom App, instead, it is a video as a service product. You can read more about it here:

“Sessions are not Zoom Meetings; instead, with no default user-interface, this SDK is designed to support unique video applications.”


In other words, you only support a 1 on 1 sessions now?

Hey @Mikron,

That is correct!


I know Zoom has been putting a lot of efforts and probably working in full speed. Yet, we are passing the “winter window” soon in which many video apps are waiting to improve using your SDK.

We already have paying clients and moving to Zoom can be a great advantage, but it’s not happening since it looks like the SDK is not closed and ripe only for 1 on 1.

Do you have an ETA of a working available SDK with multiple participants?

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Hey @huybuidac,

I can tell you we are close to having Gallery View supported in the Web SDK. You can stay updated here for when we plan to release it:



I’m chiming in here, as I am also curious about the SDK and its ability to support a custom gallery… Since Tommy is responsive, perhaps he can answer… Can a custom app developed with this SDK join a regular zoom meeting? To display “its participants”

@swiderskip I’ll jump in here in hope that it’ll save @tommy some time so he can answer to my SDK request I just mailed him :wink:

No, you’ll NOT be able to join a “regular Zoom meeting”. As Tommy said, the fully Customizable Web SDK has nothing to do with the regular Zoom as everybody uses it these days on a daily basis. The CWS (haha, I like it) is rather a drop-in replacement for uhm… okay, maybe I shouldn’t drop alternatives here. Say, it’s something to help you create your own Zoom white label solution.

What I don’t get yet is that I read the documentation in a way, that one should be able to pull a specific media stream and take care of the rendering.

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So you are saying that people won’t be able to join via my site, and another person from the zoom app itself?..

Unfortunately: yes

This seriously doesn’t make any sense. Zoom’s main advantage over different platforms is that users are used to use its software, and that it’s already installed.

The best use of the SDK in some cases would be to integrate a special site with the addons that SOME unique users use, so it will affect the experience of the WHOLE meeting - E.G. A lecturer that can broadcast a special video stream with embedded video effects using a 3rd party website with the SDK.

I hope this thread is going to reach the right people who are in charge of designing the SDK.

I appreciate your moments to advise me of the character of the Web SDK… I’m looking to try to use the Client SDK or Video SDK now. I’ve got a pretty straight forward idea I’m trying to implement. Look forward to keeping up with you all in the forums.

Hey @Mikron, @swiderskip, @meetever-chris,

Checkout my post here for an explanation of what the Fully Customizable SDK is:

Thanks for your input @meetever-chris! :slight_smile:


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@Tommy when you say gallery view should be coming soon to the Web SDK is that the fully customizable Web SDK? So with the gallery view available will the individual streams for those participants be available to customize?

Hey @brightdev,

We are working on Gallery View for the Client Web SDK, and multiple streams for the Fully Customizable SDK.



Hi tommy!

Thank you for the follow ups. Please I will like to be updated as soon as the Gallery view and multiple stream is done.

I hope it wouldn’t be long from now.


Hi Mikro,

I am having the same issue as you.
I can’t seem to even get a confirmation mail from the form they directed developers to sign up at. I want to know if they’ve granted you access or replied you


Hey @chali.champaigne,

Gallery view is coming soon! Stay tuned:

As for getting access to the Fully Customizable SDK, see my post here:


Hey @tommy - Is it yet possible to render the video streams of all participants in a session? If not, does that mean that only the current speaker’s video is provided via getActiveCamera?

I’ll add one upvote for rendering the video streams of all participants in a session. Can’t wait for that functionality to be available!

Thanks @tommy for conveying all this to the dev team.

Hey @kyle46 , @jamis0n ,

Correct. We will be adding multiple streaming capabilities soon. :slight_smile: