Can I send video and audio to a normal Zoom meeting with Video SDK?

I am currently looking to create an application that satisfies the following

  1. An application that runs on Windows
  2. Send webcam video (specifically avatar video) to normal Zoom meeting
  3. Get audio from normal Zoom meeting
  4. Send audio to normal Zoom meeting

Do I only need to use the Video SDK to make this? Or do I need to use it together with the Video SDK and Client SDK?
The documentation says “Compatible with Zoom Meetings = No”, so I was wondering if it can connect to normal Zoom meetings.

Thank you.

Hey @j-ishii,

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The Client SDK can do all of this but you do not have access to the raw audio or video data. The video and audio can only be sent into the meeting automatically through your microphone and camera, similar to how the client applications work.

The Video SDK can do the same but you are provided access to the raw data itself. However, the Video SDK cannot join Zoom Meetings. It is a separate backend video session service.


Thank you for your answer!

I understand the function of the Client SDK and Video SDK.
I will ask more questions if I have any.

Hey @j-ishii,

Sounds good! :slight_smile:


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