Hello Zoom Dev Staff!

Hello Zoom Dev Staff !!!

I was curious about sending out video in with meeting sdk.

Right now zoom just provide sdk to hook up the camera devices or sound devices.

What i mean is that , developer only has to define camera device and sound device for zoom and zoom sdk magically sending out the video and sound to others.

So my question is that is it possible for us( developers ) to send out any kind of video stream through zoom ? ( not connect camera device to zoom but just sending out video stream )

Thank you for reading it

Hi @ssijcfe,

As of v5.9.6, you can send raw video data through the SDK.

You can send video frames through the sendVideoFrame function, which is provided after implementing an IZoomSDKVideoSource instance and passing it into the setExternalVideoSource function.

We do not currently have support for sending raw audio data on the Meeting SDK.


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