Can I use SDK to customize Zoom meetings, without using it for authentifcation


We want to customize our zoom meetings to remove certain buttons and change the meeting name through an API call. I believe this can be done by using the SDK.

However, the SDK also handles authorization. We are creating users via custCreate, so cannot simply log them in. Is it possible to use the SDK only to customize the meetings, without using the authentification? 

Is there a smarter way of customizing the app? Maybe simply by passing arguments through the launcher?


Hi Thomas,

 for User with custCreate, you can authenticate then by using their App key and App secret.  



Thank you Wei Guo,

Can you explain me how to pass those from my website to the SDK app? Are there instructions for this somewhere? How do I even call the app with different arguments?



Hi Thomas,

Currently we don’t have any instructions on this. Please do some research online.