Is custCreate required for this use case? How would I accomplish this use case?

I would like to achieve the following use case with zoom:

Two users in my web application want to have a video meeting. One of them clicks a button that says start meeting, this creates a zoom meeting and links them to “” which prompts them to download zoom and creates temporary (?) user accounts for them. Once zoom downloads, it places them in a meeting, with these temporary accounts, that have names corresponding to the names in my application. They never need to login to zoom or make zoom accounts during this process.

It seems like I need the “custCreate” user option to do this. Is this true? I don’t need to use sdk at all or embed anything in my app, I simply want to be able to create a zoom meeting and place these users in it with custom names, without them needing to make zoom accounts.

No error just wondering how to do this and if I need to be on a partner plan

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
JWT, but let me know if I should change it to a different type to do this

Which Endpoint/s?

Additional context
For example of the exact flow that I want, look at They have a button that says “setup zoom” that does this exact flow. Click the profile icon on the top right hand corner of the screen and click test session to see this.

Hey @mxa899!

The first question is, do these two users have to be authenticated through your web app, or are these just two random, anonymous people surfing the web?

If yes, users must authenticate with your web app, then I would recommend going with the Web SDK to embed the Zoom Meeting experience into your web app’s front-end, but use either a JWT app for back-end Meeting buildup/teardown and reporting.

custCreate requires a Pro+ Zoom account, with Managed Domain, and approval/provisioning for access to use custCreate. You “could” potentially go down the path of having custCreate provisioned on your account, but that request will need to go through Customer Support:

Does this help?

Hey @bdeanindy,

Thanks for your response. I’m not sure if this answers the question completely, the key thing for my use case is that once the meeting starts, both users retain a name that I specify, and neither one has to make zoom accounts. These users are authenticated through my app before being able to start the meeting.

This gif shows the funtionality I want:
It cuts off at the end, but once zoom opens, it automatically starts a meeting where users retain their names specified from the web app, and never have to enter any info into zoom. If I use the web sdk, do I have to embed a video client inside my web app? Ideally I’d avoid doing this and just let the users use the zoom app instead.

I’m happy to use Pro+ zoom account (in fact I already bought pro earlier today in hopes of hearing back from the dedicated support line about this issue…), but I’m just unclear on whether or not I need custCreate to do this.

When using ‘create’, I’ve been able to create a user and get userId, but I can’t use that userId with{userId}/meetings to make a meeting unless the user goes and confirms their email, which I want to avoid.

Let me know if I should provide more info, if this doesn’t make sense. Thanks

Hey @mxa899,

To hopefully answer your question, you can programmatically register users for Zoom meetings which provides them a unique link to start / join the meeting with their name preset.

The users also don’t need to have a Zoom account, just the app.

Let me know if this helps!