Can no longer retrieve TIMELINE file

We are unable to retrieve the TIMELINE files from cloud recordings for the past few days, however we do get the transcript files. Has anything changed in the backend? I’m testing it with our account at the moment, which should have all the necessary licenses to retrieve TIMELINE files (we used to get these files, and we haven’t made any changes to our licenses).

UPDATE #1: I have tested this on a few recordings for which we previously did get a TIMELINE file, using the Get Meeting Recordings endpoint. Our logs do have a TIMELINE record, the endpoint no longer exposes it.

UPDATE #2: I just did a more thorough investigation. Something seems to have happened between 2020-12-20 06:29:24+00:00 and 2020-12-20 14:31:05+00:00 UTC, because after the latter timestamp, TIMELINE files are widely unavailable.


Hey @berk,

Sorry to hear about the TIMELINE file issues.

We have identified the bug and are fixing it as soon as possible, most likely early Jan. (ZOOM-230716)


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Was wondering if there were any updates on this?

Hi @berk,

Thanks for following up on this—I’ve just checked back with our Engineering team to get confirmation on the timing here. I’ll follow up with you here once I hear back.


This is fixed! Thanks @will.zoom

Thanks for confirming, @berk! :slight_smile:

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