Can Non Hosts Using A Zoom App Get Participant Names

My goal is to create a zoom app which grabs current participants and uses my own api to look up information on users. In the api docs it seems like the appsdk functions are limited to meeting hosts and cohosts. Is there any way that the app when being used my a meeting participant can access this information in real time?

Hi @dmcninch
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Unfortunately, there is not, only the host and cohost can access participant data and information in real time

Thanks for the reply @elisa.zoom! Much appreciated!

I have a related question. In development, even as a host, I am getting unauthorized api for the onParticipantChange event (which I’d like to track). Getting the participants is working fine as well as tracking the speaker change event but for some reason that (and a few other apis) are coming back unauthorized. (Note: I believe I’ve been inclusive enough with my scopes and features enabled).

Hi @dmcninch
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Were you able to troubleshoot this?
Or are you still getting unauthorized api for onParticipantChange event?

Thank you for your response @elisa.zoom I am unfortunately still seeing the same unauthorized api issue for the onParticipantChange event, which is pretty blocking until I can resolve it.

Thanks @dmcninch
I will go ahead and send you a private message to get more information about this issue

To update this thread, @dmcninch Daniel was able to figure this out.
They were using prod credentials to test this behavior, while Dev credentials must be used if the app is not published in the Marketplace.
Thanks for sharing your finding with us Daniel! :slight_smile: