Possible `getBreakoutRoomList` API regression - missing participants

Last week we noticed an issue with our app when transferring Host privileges.

When digging deeper into our app’s logs I noticed a difference in the response from getBreakoutRoomList() when the user is the original Host (i.e. it is their meeting, they are the Meeting Owner) and the “new” transferred Host (not Meeting Onwer)

I believe this may be a regression for two reasons:

  1. We expect the getBreakoutRoomList() API to return all of the participants in each room for the Host at all times (not just Meeting Owner) and it did so when you shipped the Host/Co-host APIs feature and;
  2. Your original API spec omitted the participants for each room in the case where the Host was not also the Meeting Owner

I have some screenshots illustrating the problem;

Host and Meeting Owner
correctly receives a list of participants (the participants array) for each room

newly transferred Host (not Meeting Owner)
incorrectly receives an empty list of participants (the participants array) for each room

Technical Specification

Zoom Client Version: v5.13.11
Zoom Apps SDK Version: v0.16.8

Thanks for reporting this, I’ve created a bug for this behavior (ZOOM-503003)

I’ll keep you posted as the issue progresses

Thanks for your patience here. Our team got back to me and indicated that you should be able to use the getBreakoutRoomList() function as expected in the callback for the onMyUserContextChange event.

Have you tested that method? Let me know if you’re seeing the expected behavior when waiting for the context change event.

Hey Max, thanks for following this up and for communicating with the team.

The issue here is not that we can’t use the getBreakoutRoomList() method; we have no issue using it after the host privileges are transferred and we call config() again in the callback for the onMyUserContextChange event, as you (and the SDK docs) suggest.

Instead, the problem we’re having is:

When calling the getBreakoutRoomList() method, the response is incorrect for the new host (after correctly handling the onMyUserContextChange event). I hope that’s clearer. Can you share that with the team?

Got it, thanks for clarifying that point. I’ll let our team know that you’re seeing incorrect results even after using onMyUserContextChange.

Would you be able to send a video demonstrating this issue? I attempted to reproduce this issue on my end but I didn’t encounter the same problem.

Here is a loom of me using the getBreakoutRoomList function after transferring the host. Please let me know if I’m following the proper steps to replicate the issue.

Here is a snippet of the code that I used with our Basic Sample App:

zoomSdk.onMyUserContextChange(async (event) => {
    if (event.role === "host") {
        const list = await zoomSdk.getBreakoutRoomList()
        console.log("From User context change",list)

const onClick = async () => {
    const list = await zoomSdk.getBreakoutRoomList()

const btn = document.getElementById('getList');
btn.onclick = onClick;