Can not initialize Android SDK


  • With app SDK Credentials

  • With app JWT Credentials:

    • Can not init by API Key + API Secret. Return : ErrorCode = 2 and Internal ErrorCode = 3024
    • Can not init byt JWT (both get in App Dashboard or generated ). Return ErrorCode = 1 and Internal ErrorCode = 0.
  • In all error cases , if try to init again , there is no return.

Which Android Client SDK version?

Payload from

I found:

  • Must use SDK app credentials to generate JWT. Can not user JWT app credentials on Android app.
  • “tokenExp” = “exp” = “iat” + [seconds]
  • iat must < current_time.

It can init some time. After that, ErrorCode = 1 and Internal ErrorCode = 0 because of tokenExp and exp had expired. Why doesnt onZoomAuthIdentityExpired fire ?!

Hi @shpy2001, thanks for the post.

When you are generating the JWT, are you using the same key and secret as when you are when initializing with the raw key/secret values? You mention API key + API secret, so I suspect that may be the issue. The SDK only accepts SDK credentials for initialization.


Hi @jon.lieblich thank for your support.
I had confused between SDK app credentials and JWT app credentials.
Yes, for mobile app, must use SDK app credentials to generate jwt token.
It can work now. But when token expired, it return error 1 too. I think it must fire onZoomAuthIdentityExpired ?

Hi @shpy2001,

Glad to hear it’s working with the correct credentials!

Regarding the JWT expiring, that depends on which type of expiration is happening. If you are reusing the same JWT multiple times in a session, reaching the exp field’s time will cause auth attempts to fail, as that represents when the JWT itself expires.

On the other hand, the tokenExp field represents when your authentication session expires, and should trigger the callback you mentioned.


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