Can the frame rate vary during a session?

When a video session is under way, is it possible for the frame rate (frames per second) to change for a particular participant’s video stream? Or does Zoom guarantee that the rate remains constant for the duration of the session?

I am aware that the rate can be different each time a session is started, but I want to know if the rate can change while the session is in progress.

Hi @AndroidDev, thanks for the post.

That is a great question. When determining the frame rate of an individual video stream, there are many factors that come into consideration including network stability and device performance which are outside of the realm of what the SDK can control. These factors can potentially have an impact on both the sending and receiving side. As a result, we cannot make any guarantees around what the final output of a user’s video stream will be.

It is certainly possible that a user’s frame rate could remain constant throughout a session, but I would not make any assumptions that this will always be the case.


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