Resolution of raw video frames

we are using zoom video SDK version 1.1.2 for windows.
we need to extract the frames of participants connected to the particular session.
for this purpose we used ZoomVideoSDKRawDataPipeDelegate::onRawDataFrameReceived() api,
but the raw data frame’s resolution coming is quite low and variable like comes 480p and 180p, Despite of having camera resolution 720p.

The question I have is, there any provision in zoom video SDK with which we can get constant frame resolution of the participants joined.

2.Can we set the resolution of participant joined and if so,what is the max limit of resolution that we can set for all the participants connected to session and how can we set that.

Hi @Prajakta, thanks for using our SDK.

The resolution of the video data you can receive from other participants in a session is variable and depends on several factors, including network conditions and how many streams you currently have. Additionally, you can specify a resolution when subscribing to a user’s video data as mentioned in our documentation.


Hi, @jon.lieblich

currently we are connecting only 5 participants to the zoom session and our network condition for each participant is also stable ; we have also tried using IZoomVideoSDKRawDataPipe::subcribe() method with which we set the resolution, but however we are not able to receive the frame’s resolution constant.
is there anything else with which we can get atleast constant frame resolution?

Hi @Prajakta,

You cannot receive 720p for 5 users concurrently. The SDK currently only allows a maximum of 2 720p streams. The local user does not count toward this limit, so you can show 3 720p streams in total (2 remote users + 1 local preview stream).