How can invite someone to meeting using zoom apps sdk

How can i invite a user to meeting from zoom apps sdk. Basically I want to automate user joining in meeting by sending meeting uuid and passcode so the user joins in through call in facilty . I am able to get meeting uuid through getmeetinguuid but can’t figure how to access passcode of meeting

Hi @njain4_be19 , we suggest you either use getMeetingJoinURL or the REST API for meeting information (this needs the meeting:read scope and the 11 digit ID, not UUID)

In either case, we suggest that the meeting join process should always use a join URL in order to properly provide user login context. (Or provide the user the meeting ID and passcode to enter)

apologies for the typo, I meant ID only. I am using a third-party phone number service to get into call so will require a passcode only . So I have to make the rest API call to the zoom endpoint to get meeting details. Will try that. Thanks for helping with that.

How do i get meeting ID in zoom apps sdk?

nvm found it.
GetMeetingContextResponse gives meeting id and feed it into rest api to get meeting passcode. Hope this helps