Can we make Zoom always on the top?

If there is a feature that enables Zoom is always on top, it would be amazing.

Right now, we do by setting minimal mode, BUT the customer complains about the size that’s why I left the request below.

Hi Sungpah, 


If you are using Zoom iOS SDK, you can put the view controller on the top of your application. Could you provide more details on this request?


Hi Wei,

I was mentioning Zoom Client (on Window or Mac), not SDK (:

The feature we want to have is the client that is always on top of the browser so that the user can insert the fields without making the client behind and is resizable ( depending on the customer’s preference )

Let us know if this explains enough! 






I have been looking for this feature as well. I’m on Mac. I would LOVE to be able to chose to keep the zoom window modal, i.e. always on top, even if another window application is active/selected. I couldn’t find this option.

I would also like this feature.

Hi Everyone, 

Thank you for your feedback, since this is a product change, we will put in the request and keep you all updated. 



And another vote for this.  It would REALLY be helpful in my circumstance where I normally RDP to another system, but stay connected through the host with Zoom.

Any update on this please ?

This is much needed functionality for our integration, any pointer would be very helpful.


Hi Everyone, 

Our Engineer team is currently aware of this feature request,  we have no time frame on when it will be released, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team. 


I also agree. The ability to view my desktop apps while a resizeable always-on-top window plays would be invaluable for me, and for my clients.  So while I’m in the conference, I can be taking notes, etc.  

Or, if you’re doing a remote class, Zoom is always on top while the student is working on a desktop application at the request of the teacher.

Please enable this!  While in a meeting, it’s a little hard to navigate a bunch of screens and then hunt for zoom.  Would like to be able to use “Always on top”.

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While you are waiting for this feature, I found an open source program called Desk Pins that let’s me pin the Zoom window 

+1.  I can’t tell you how many times I and others report losing the Zoom window and struggling to find it.

Kirsten, thanks for the hint on DeskPins.  It’s a decent workaround for the time-being.

Yes please, this is key!

on the Mac OS where you can switch from one desktop to another, the ability to keep the zoom window on top and on the current desktop is so important. currently i change desktop because i’m looking at a window that is opened on another desktop, and i loose zoom :frowning:

Been months since the request. Please look into it.

Checking in on this. Been using Zoom for a while now and it’s the best overall video-conferencing platform, but the lack of this one feature is causing our users and customers to hate it. Is there no progress to report on getting this feature in?

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Hey @Wayne_Abbott, thanks for the complement and feedback.

This forum is for questions about the Zoom App Marketplace and API’s / SDK’s.

We have a feature request for this ZWP-1563.


Hi - is there a status update on story?

Hey @geoff.warrington, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Have you tried this: