Can we use StartRecording & StartRawRecording while starting meeting

Hi Team,

I am using zoom meeting sdk for c# to startmeeting and record raw data. We also want to do local recording along with rawdata. Can you please let me know if its possible?
Documention says if SDK user is host he can do both recordings, but when i try using StartRecording (1st) and StartRawRecording (2nd), sdkerr for startRecording is success, for StartRawRecording it says wrong_usage.
Can you please englighten if i am doing something wrong.

Thank you

@krishnachaithanyatvs ,

thanks for raising this point in the docs, it might be a bit confusing.

For a single instance of SDK which has host access, it can only do either rawrecording or localrecording and not both at the same time.

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Thank you @chunsiong.zoom for the clarification, i have observed the same in code too.

Hey @krishnachaithanyatvs, were you looking to do rawrecording or localrecording at the same time because you wanted to get the real time streams + recording at the end of the meeting?

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