MeetingSDK raw recording seems broken on version 5.15.10 and 5.15.11

Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
1. Authentication method or app type
Update Zoom SDK sample GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-win-raw-recording-sample: A patch of the Zoom Meeting SDK for Windows that enables raw recording for the new version of the Meeting SDK

2. Any errors
IMeetingRecordingController::StartRawRecording return error SDKERR_WRONG_USAGE.
IMeetingRecordingController::CanStartRawRecording return error SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION.

3. Browser/client type and version
Windows 11
Meeting SDK 5.15.10 and 5.15.11. The same functionalities work on Meeting SDK from 5.14.5 to 5.15.7

@rjd , usually those errors are thrown when the SDK does not have recording or host permissions to record. Could you confirm that you have these permissions?

@chunsiong.zoom during the meeting, the meeting host was prompted to grant the app recording permission and he did so. What are addition permissions needed for those two new versions? The same API calls work for earlier versions (5.14.5 - 5.15.7). The API documentation doesn’t mention any new permissions needed.

@rjd , thanks for raising this. I’ll follow up on this internally this.


@rjd ,

We’ve identified this as a bug. It will be fixed in upcoming version. Meanwhile could you work on the 5.15.7 version?

Thank you. I will use 5.15.7 for the time being.

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