Can you create private apps that customers can download?

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New here, and hoping to better understand how zoom apps work - like discussed here in the intro post by @MaxM.

I understand that I can create a zoom app and put it on the public marketplace. But what about an app that I want to develop to sell to private companies - is that possible?

I had assumed so, but then in the docs (under publishing/sharing-private-apps), I saw that private apps can only be shared in limited circumstances. Basically, it appears that private apps are normally used within a single account, which would not work for selling the app to companies for their own accounts.

And that would be the case I’d have in mind: Private companies would download the app to use with their own zoom accounts.

An example of what I thought was a private app is the class app, which appears to be (i) built on top of zoom, (ii) not available for public download, and (iii) only available to companies that do an agreement with the company that makes the app:

Hi @wc331 ,

You can’t share private apps on the marketplace, but you can limit installation. Could this work for you?


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Thanks, @gianni.zoom. I appreciate the info. I don’t think this quite would do it, because it looks like the main mechanism here is to hide the relevant url for the zoom app behind a password-protected site:

Then, on your website, you can put the Publishable URL behind your login so only users logged into your site, can authenticate / connect their Zoom accounts.

So anyone with the url could access the app, if I’m reading correctly. That’s probably not secure enough.

Hi @wc331 ,

You could set up a log in page specific to the customers you want able to access this but I understand your concerns.

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Thanks for the info, @gianni.zoom.

Hi @wc331 ,

I just want to quickly follow up after connecting with some folks internally, that if you build on the SDK, you can choose how to distribute the application while still having a public listing on the marketplace. Class has their app on the marketplace but they control who installs like how you see on their main website.

Here are their marketplace compliments:

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Thanks, @gianni.zoom. I’ll take a look.

Hi @gianni.zoom - Thanks for the info you provided. I’m looking more closely at it. One thing that would be helpful - do you know if there are any other tutorials or courses out there about building zoom apps? I haven’t found too many, and that’s often a great way to get going on this stuff.

I’ve gone through the info on this one:

It’s helpful, but doesn’t actually build out and app.

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