Can you share a cloud recording with specific people via API?

I can’t find a Cloud Recording API that allows me to share a cloud recording with specific people.
Manually we can do this under the recording, Share:
Who can view: Only the people specified below
Then add each email under “Share with Specific People”

I see the API for creating a registrant - is this the only way? Just has an extra step for the user to enter information that we don’t need, and I think would allow others to register without authenticating if they had a link to the registration page?

Please let me know if we can share with specific people via the API


Hi @allison ,

Yes, Zoom Meeting API is the only way. The only required request body fields for this endpoint are name and email – the others are optional. Although, I recommend using the status field as well.

This way, if the recording settings are set to send the recording to recording registrants, there’s nothing else that would need to be done on your part.