Can Zoom and pose detection be integrated in same screen reactnative?

We are working in a project in which we need to have a zoom session and pose detection on the same screen … Is there a way to resize zoom meeting ui and use expo camera for zoom…

Hi @dev1, thanks for using our SDK.

It is not possible to resize the existing UI, however if you were to use custom UI mode in the SDK, you would have complete control over the appearance and behavior of your meeting UI.


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Hey, I had a question. It would mean a lot if you or anybody else could help. How can we add an image over each body part if we store the data from each frame?

Hi @sheikh.imran.sh112,

Can you please clarify further around what you are looking to do? Are you trying to add an image on top of the default meeting UI?


error: cannot find symbol
import us.zoom.sdk.ZoomVideoSDKAudioStatus;

Getting error when using react native zoom sdk

Hi @dev1,

For Video SDK questions, please post over in the #mobile-video-sdk category. :slightly_smiling_face:


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