Can Zoom SDK enable our Ionic app to display Live number of participants and empty seats?

This is a general question for a use case. We want to display a list of live zoom meetings happening, which were started and posted on our app - BUT we want to display the number of open seats available and as people fill those seats that they show some are unavailable, and as people leave, show new seats are then available again.

Is this possible with the Zoom SDK?

Thanks! Jonathon

Hey @lunardi,

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Good question! The Mobile SDK itself does not support this type of functionality directly. However, with some elbow grease, it seems like this would be possible using the Zoom API itself.

If you decide to explore this route, there are plenty of Zoom API experts to help out here:

Let me know if you have any other questions regarding the Mobile SDK :slight_smile:

@Michael_Condon - thanks for the tip. Which APIs do you recommend my team works with specifically? I want to show on my app a simile user experience as to virtual poker tables but show which rooms have open seats and then who is in each room and who is the host. Also, is my app allowed to control most of the interface wrapper? So can I put my own advertising as a layer over the zoom meeting or webinar? Do you have any recommendations on specific contractors that I should work with to help my team with the above use case? Thanks! J

Hey @lunardi

The Zoom API provides endpoints that can send/receive data from Zoom. For example, you can use can return information about a certain Zoom user, (pending authentication).

As for functionality that is possible, I would look here: In regards to specific contractors, anyone on the API Zoom dev forum with a “Staff” label next to their name is well-versed enough to answer questions for you.

Hope that helps!