Cannot access the APP via API

I am in the process of trying to connect to my Zoom App from another tool called Parabola. When I issue the API Call, I am running into the following error message.

An error occurred during authorization: Access token URL returned a 401 when making a request for the access token. More data here: b’{“reason”:“Invalid client_id or client_secret”,“error”:“invalid_client”}’

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
// is the endpoint I was told to use.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Here are the parameters I am enter into Parabola. Based on the screenshot you see.

API Endpoint
Client ID 9dKxq4VnQ2KDVSdwkiK9w
Client Secret
Step 1: Authorization
Authorization Request URL //
Step 2: Access Token
Access Token URL //
Authorization basic
Step 3: Refresh Token
Refresh Token URL //

I also think my Authorization header is incorrect and did not get encoded properly.

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Hey @atzikas,

I have replied to you here:

It sounds like you need to reach out to Parabola for support with their service. :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy,

Here is the response I got from the Parabola Team:

That error means that when Parabola, during the OAuth process, sent the request to exchange the code we were given from Zoom for an access token (bearer token), Zoom responded to that request with a 401 error code, and sent back the error that the client_id or client_secret is invalid.

So its an error from their system, but many times the error is due to either those credentials being incorrectly entered into Parabola, or the request is not set up properly. Do you think that the client id and secret are valid? And do you think that the set up you have in the OAuth form is correct?

Is it possible to set up some time to chat on this?

My app status is “Ready to Install” but the App itself shows up on Installed Apps so is it in fact installed? Just trying to troubleshoot all possible avenues.

Can you see why my authorization header looks off?


I put in Client_ID:Client_Secret and this is what I get - not sure if it needs "== " at the end

Client ID 9dKxq4VnQ2KDVSdwkiK9w
Client Secret

Hey @atzikas,

I have private messaged you.